Join two of Philadelphia's underground selectors, Khaleel "Funkboy" Mason, and Daibutsu Music's "The Engineer" in celebrating three years of the BUDDHA BEATS podcast, at one of Philly's most respected venues, Silk City!


Located at the corner of 5th & Spring Garden, Silk City holds a special place in the hearts of DJs that have played here, and even more for the audiences and fans who came to dance and show their support for Philly's dance music scene.

For those who remember, this is the same spot where King Britt, and DJ Dozia threw the now famous "Back To Basics" parties! They brought many of the worlds best DJs to come and share their sound with Philadelphia. Shaped by those amazing parties, we here at Daibutsu Music are extremely fortunate to have a date at this intimate venue, and to add to the sonic and historic tapestry of Silk City. Very blessed indeed.


The drink special is $4.00 well drinks, and $4.00 draft beers. There will also be a merch table for you take keepsakes home from both the Funkboy, and The Engineer. These two will take you on that journey your soul may desperately need. Now, there will be something special given out for those who come and stay for until the end.



Khaleel has been DJing in Philadelphia for quite some time, and has hosted numerous shows online. Khaleel has spun with some of Philly's soulful house DJs, including Rob Paine, Chris Moore, and many, many others. His current show, Underground Expressions airs on Thursdays via House Junkies TV on Facebook from 5 to 7PM EST. Tune in for Khaleel, special guests, and some of the most soulful house music coming out of Philly! Khaleel has also rocked the dance floors of Ibiza with his signature house sound. If Khaleel is playing, it's guaranteed that you'll be on that dance floor before you leave!


In 2013, Brian announced his return as The Engineer, and launched his own label: Daibutsu Music. Having to adapt to the new way of doing things in the scene, Brian launched his BUDDHA BEATS podcast as a result of having a full-time job, to continue giving back to the scene the best way he knew how. The vibe he brings has kept the floors of Philly, and recently Ibiza packed and dancing.

Khaleel and Brian met through a mutual friend on a DJ tour to Ibiza. They played at the famous Bar Amsterdam, Mumak Beach Cafe, and a beautiful sunset set at Aperture Terrace. On the way back home, they agreed to work together to bring that house and techno vibe back to Philly. Sans dress codes, bottle service, and VIP areas. Brian handles the visuals, and the chatroom for the Underground Expressions show, and Khaleel recently had him show his skills live on the show. Together, these two are going to pay homage to what got them there, and take their audiences beyond the beyond. Please join us in celebrating our third year of the BUDDHA BEATS podcast, and supporting the Philadelphia dance music community. Let's do this! See you all there!